Joseph is 23. He lives in London, supports Arsenal and can quote entire episodes of Only Fools and Horses. He loves lists, Tim Berners-Lee and the number 11.

He also has Asperger’s Syndrome.

Living alone for the first time Joseph begins to create a list of everything that makes him happy, posting the photos to Flickr as he goes along…

And this is where you come in…

Because as well as listing everything which makes Joseph happy we also want to list things which make you happy too. You can submit a photo of absolutely anything from the mundane to the profound to the absolutely ridiculous (or anything in between). The only rule is it must be something which makes you smile.

The Reasons For Listing group on Flickr can be seen here and, if you’re already a member of Flickr, then just join the group, add your photo and tag it with ‘reasonsforlisting’. If you’re not a member then joining only takes a few minutes and Flickr guides you through the process.

Alternatively we’re happy to take photo submissions via email – you can send your photos to writebynumbers at gmail dot com and just put ‘Reasons For Listing’ in the subject title.  If you’d like to caption the photo then pop that in the email too, and let us know if you’d prefer if we didn’t upload the photo into the Reasons For Listing group.

Now for our not-so-small print: Reasons For Listing is a fifteen minute monologue which will change in relation to the photos people submit to our group on Flickr. Therefore if you submit a photo and would prefer us not to use it in a performance then let us know. Any photos we do use will be credited in our Shout-Out List, along with when and where they were used. None of the photos submitted will be used for promotional reasons without prior permission.

So, what makes you happy?

Much love and listing,

Corinne and Charlie.