Write By Numbers is a new writing theatre company founded by Charlie Whitworth and Corinne Furness after they met on Goldsmiths College’s Writing For Performance MA. Over cups of coffee, mugs of tea and the odd glass of something stronger it became clear to them that they, and other writers they knew, were working in ways that were outside the scope of the main commissioning  new-writing theatres. And so, on one sunny day in New Cross, Write By Numbers was born.

Challenging the notion of what a ‘Playwright’ might be Write By Numbers aims to give writers the opportunity to experiment with the wide variety of ways in which live performance might be created and expressed.  The only limit is the imagination of the person tapping the keys, or brandishing the pen, or – if you are so inclined – carving into the bark of a tree. Write By Numbers is about taking the Playwright out of the metaphorical garrett and placing them in the centre of live performance. We want Playwrights to scare themselves, to take risks, to write hard and fast (or softly and slowly if that’s what takes their proverbial fancy). Most of all we want Playwrights to dream about how things could be – and then go out and make them that way.

Write By Numbers is currently producing Reasons For Listing, a monologue created in collaboration with Flickr contributors, and WrightNOW a monthly evening of rehearsed readings, each piece created in the seven days before the event.